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Empowering Farmers and Healthy India Mission

  • Soil Testing and Balanced Fertilizers application on about 20 millions Ha. Agri land. Consequently,Cost of cultivation is reduced and Productivity Improves.
  • Organic Carbon Improvement on 6 million Ha. Agri land. Consequently improvement in production and Income of Farmers.
  • Participation in the doubling of Income of about 20 million of needy farmers by means of Productivity Improvement,better sale price for agri-produces, agri-allied and farmers participation in processing.
  • More income for 1 million of needy Farmers through Rainfed Horticulture Program.
  • More income for 10 million of farmers through Oilseed Cultivation Program for edible oil production which is required for Domestic need on large scale.
  • Benefits to about 100 millions of farmers from the services through the establishment of Agri Clinics and Agri Business Centers on the large scale.
  • Benefits of double income to about 5 million farmers through Organic Jaggery Program.
  • Noticable growth in the income of about 1 million farmers through Medicinal Plants Cultivation Program.
  • Towards, achieving the goal of Healthy India Mission through Organic Farming Program by making available the organic food-grain and vegetables for more than 50% population of India at reasonable price.