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Employment Generation

  • Selection of about 1 million aspiring OBC youth for establishing micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • Providing the selected youth with training and services for technology, preparing DPR, finance and marketing.
  • Employment generation through these industries to about 10 millions of unemployeds.
  • The enterprises, contained in the outline would be based on the national and international market requirements
  • Focus is on the argo industries, agro processing, food processing, fruit processing industries etc.
  • Special focus is on Bio Processing industies, CBG, Ethenol, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Power generation, Project, etc.
  • Besides, attention is also given to the manufacturing spare parts required for big industries.
  • Desirous youth are advised to enter into the commerce, marketing or system of distribution and supply of food- grain, pulses, oilseeds, and organic food-grain and vegetable.