Enriched Farmer Mission

OBC Indian Chamber is devoted towards making the Indian Farmer’s life better and prosperous by providing them the tools and technology to improve productivity by reducing the cultivation cost.

Entrepreneurship Development

We intend to push young talents of the country to participate in the Indian Economy by establishing their enterprises for prosperity & employment generation.

Entrepreneurs’ National Association

Organizing maximum entrepreneurs under the umbrella of OBC Indian Chamber at national level for better development & upliftment.

Who We Are

OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture has been engaged in Activities related to agriculture productivity improvement, Bio Fuel, Bio Power, Renewable Energy, Edible Oils, Organic Jaggery, Agro Industries, Agro, Food and Bio Processing Industries, Organic Food Grain and Organic Vegetables, Establishing Organic Cities all over India, Export and other industries.

Founded on 9th June, 2020, OBC Indian Chamber is a Mumbai based organization, registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The organization has been established by Prof. Kashiram Vanjari, ex Principal, with the motto of Strengthening Entrepreneurs owering Farmers.

Our Proud Board of Directors

1) Prof. Kashiram Vanjari
2) Mr. Narayansing Sable
3) Mrs. Rachana Vanjari

Vice Chairman

Our Proud State Managing Committee, Maharashtra Chapter is –
1) Prof. Kashiram Vanjari Chairman
2) Mr. Narayansing Sable Vice Chairman
3) Mr. Dhananjay Warkekar Agri Advisor
4) Mr. Arshad Kazi, Nashik Member
5) Mr. Vivek Patil , Kolhapur Member
6) Mr. Sudarshan Bhorge, Nanded Member
* Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao : National Advisor for Business Development
* Dr. Pradeep Kagane : National Advisor , Technology
* Mr. Anil Jadhav : State Advisor , Industry
* Dr. Sudhakar Vispute : State Advisor, Medicinal Plants
* Mr. Satish Dongare : State Advisor, Finance
* Mr. Iqbal A. Sayyid : Chartered Accountants

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!

- Helen Keller

Enriched Farmer Mission:

We aim to enrich our Indian farmers by providing them with modern technologies and information to make them achieve higher productivity improvement & lower cultivation cost.

We support farmers with:

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Reducing cost of cultivation
  • Scientific Soil Testing
  • Introduction to International technologies
  • Awareness about selling value
  • Minimum assured Buyback value
  • Making them a part of processing
  • Agri allied Activities

Entrepreneurship Development

We appeal the aspiring entrepreneurs to join us and start their own Entrepreneurship career. We not only generate employment but also entrepreneurs. We aim to generate at least 1 lakh budding entrepreneurs in the first phase in Maharashtra.

We stand by them with:

  • DPR (Detailed Project Report)
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Establishment
  • Saport for Finance
  • Marketing (If required)

Entrepreneurs National Association:

We look forward to being associated with Entrepreneurs & Businessmen in the nation to join us and be a part of the strongest united organization. Our main motto is to collaborate for business, support to each other and find / provide services within a circle. We wish to see people in industry marching in the same direction and growing together!

This organization will provide them with:

  • Exclusive memberships
  • Business Network
  • Business meetups
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Job fairs
  • Events
  • Exclusive members benefit
  • Special Incentive Package
  • Information regarding Subsidy
  • Benefits of GST , Electricity, and Water bill