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Empowering Farmers through Efforts to Double Income

    1.About 25% saving in Cost of Cutivation.

  • The balanced fertilizers shall be as per the recommendation of Soil Test Report. Besides, the application of allied Bio Fertilizers such as the Nitrogen, Fixation and Phosphate solubality Bacteria, will reduce the expense on Urea, DAP etc. Thus, there shall be about 25% saving in the cost of cultivation.

  • 2.More than 25% Productivity Improvement by Improving Organic Carbon.

  • Soil health has badly been damaged owing to the degraded content of Organic Carbon. It gets improved by applying vernim -compost and then maximum nutrients are uptaken by crop roots. Besides, required secondary and micro nutrients too are applied. Consequently, productivity improves more than 25%.

  • 3.The use of poisonous Chemical insecticides be avoided.

  • The destruction of friend-insects and damages to our health are the hazardous side effects of poisonous chemical insecticides improve productivity and we get poison-free food.

  • 4.Post Harvest Technology shall saves the loss of Agri Produces.

  • Once majority of farmers are made aware of the post harvest technology,loss of agri produces which is about 10% to 25% is saved. Obviously,it increases farmers income.

  • 5.Efforts to avail at leat 10% more price:

  • Limited Agri produces like food-grain,, pulses,oilseeds,cotton,etc, shall be supplied directly to end consumers and processors so that the farmers shall get at least 10% more price.

  • 6.Additional Income to Farmers from Allied Activities.

  • Agriallied activities shall be made available to rainfed and needy farmers provided they need loan at low rate of interest with subsidy. Thus,Farmers shall get 50% to 100% additional income.